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We have character(s)!

DevelopmentPosted by TC Games 28 Aug, 2017 12:55PM

Work continues on the rogue-like RPG (name to be revealed in time). However, to make it more RPG-y, it felt necessary to have at least a choice of characters.

Without further ado then, let's introduce our heroes and heroines:

First up, the Warrior! Close quarter specialist, the Warrior throws themselves into the thick of the fight, has high knockback to disperse enemies, high hit points and high damage but minimal range.

Next, the Mage! With medium range, the Mage throws spells at the enemies and specialises in damage over time. Although relatively low initial damage and slow speed, the Mage can hold their own against waves of enemies by setting them on fire, but only if you can manage their Mana Pool carefully!

Thirdly, the Archer! Super long range and good damage, the Archer requires precision accuracy to use and high stamina to keep up all the shooting! With good speed and high damage, the Archer likes to keep their distance and is particularly adept at dealing with single targets.

Finally, the Rogue! Although shorter range and low damage, the Rogue makes up for this by throwing two daggers! They are also the fastest and by far the sneakiest of the classes!

In time, it will be possible to customise the colour of your chosen protagonist too! For now, work continues on the super-special secondary abilities of our elite characters as well as the many, many, many enemies that will hopelessly be vanquished before you!!

Got any ideas you want to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below!

PS: It should be noted that all art assets are used under license from

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