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Complete Overhaul...

DevelopmentPosted by TC Games 15 Oct, 2017 05:50PM
Last post I talked about how I had achieved a milestone in producing my first game. I had got the first playable version, but it had a long way to go.

This post, I am going to talk about how to reach the end of that long journey, I'm going to have to start by stepping back a few steps.

The first has already been fundamentally implemented, the rooms. No longer is the player in a large, open-style dungeon level, but they are now in a self-contained room-at-a-time level that will randomly generate things everytime. I've got as far as the room parsing working so a different theme can be applied for each run/biome/style.

The second thing that's underway is an overhaul of the character(s). A complete overhaul. I completely reassessed how I wanted the game to play, no longer are you stuck longing to be someone else (i.e. character unlocks) but you are either a) who you want to be or b) who you can make yourself to be. To elaborate, you now start as a boring human with no special abilities, there's nothing special about you anymore (that's not true, you're wonderful)! You now pick up weapons, armour and other loot and in a make-do-and-mend sort of way you could be a swordsman with a shield, an archer with a crossbow or even a wizard throwing fireballs and lightning, but with the option in the marketplace to buy things that could help you out!

To implement all this, I've had to strip this back to basics, the underlying matrix that stored all the information has been expanded and re-written and item generation is being completely revamped. Now I'm looking to introduce chests that will randomly generate items that could be overly powerful or utterly useless to the player, but you want those moments to be influenced by the one true deity.

On the note of which, another fundamental feature in the offing will sit alongside the current implementation. Not only will you be able to donate gold to the cause to improve drops, but if you're having a particularly bad time with items, you can sacrifice yourself and all the loot on your person to Aarenjizeus and start over! Much like you would do in perma-death if you die mid-level, but here all your valuable are cashed-in.

These things will deal with reasons 1-3 from the last post, and with enough different loot and abilities, I'm expecting to provide a better recipe for a bullet-hell-style action RPG that will play in an accessible, quick roguelike sort of way.

Now, having this clear pathway set out in front of me makes me very excited but also very aware of just how much there is to do to bring this to be. It's gonna be a long road, but hopefully a rewarding one!!

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